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Man with crutches

Unable to walk without his crutches. This gentleman heard about the miracle healing service and came believing that God would do a miracle for him. He was then healed during the service and able to walk up on stage without any aid to give his testimony and glorify Jesus.



Cyst in the throat

This girl was in a lot of pain and unable to swallow her food because of a cyst in her throat. When Pastor Dil called out her condition, she realized she no longer could feel the cyst in her throat and was completely healed.



Woman on a wheelchair.

This woman was on a wheelchair for a long time. Through the Word of Knowledge, as her condition was called, she received her healing and began to walk freely with great joy, thanking Jesus for her miracle.



Deaf ears opened

This elderly man was deaf but attended the church service hoping for a miracle. While the Word of God was spoken, he felt his ears pop open and was able to hear clearly without any difficulty.



Heart ailment

This man was suffering from pain and discomfort in his heart which was affecting his overall health and feared he may need to undergo a surgery. However, during the miracle healing rally, he believed and received his healing. He was set free from all discomfort and was made whole.



Boy unable to walk

This young boy attended the Miracle Healing rally completely helpless. He was unable to walk due to his leg injury and solely relied on the support of his crutches. While the Word of God was being preached, he felt the pain leave him and Jesus gave him such peace and joy.



Young Man with crutches

This man was in utter despair as he wasn’t able to walk because of the condition of his leg. He came into the miracle healing rally with the help of his crutches. During the service, he rejoiced because he saw that Jesus had made his leg whole.



Women healed of Cancer

This woman was in deep sorrow having been diagnosed with Cancer in her throat. She even didn’t have the finances to get the necessary treatment from the doctors. She came to the miracle healing rally and as the Word went forth, she felt something within her leave and was completely healed! She was filled with tears of joy and kept thanking and praising Jesus for this great miracle.



Girl on a wheelchair

This young girl was unable to walk and was paralyzed from the waist down. The troubled parents of this young girl brought her to the service on a wheelchair. Their only hope was that Jesus alone would heal her. As Pastor Dill was ministering the Word, Jesus healed this young girl and she was able to walk freely. The family was overjoyed at this wonderful miracle!



Excruciating pain in the knee

This elderly woman had come with excruciating pain in her knee and was unable to freely move her leg and bend her knee with ease. She believed that only God could make her whole. She received her healing during the time of testimonies and gave glory to God.